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2023 Asian heritage month stories of resilience

Diversity and multiculturalism represent some of the most cherished values of Canadian society, and both play an essential role in reinforcing the inclusive spirit that Canadians have become renowned for across the world. Celebrations of cultures, and particularly the cultures brought in by immigrants, are crucial for advancing a sense of social cohesion wherein all persons feel at home and welcome. In this spirit, TAYFFI celebrates Asian Heritage Month this May alongside all Asian-Canadian communities!

Across the country, immigrants from Asian cultures have played important roles establishing a sense of community and contributing to the beautiful mosaic that is Canadian culture. These cultural contributions take many shapes: whether it is through sharing rich and exotic forms of cuisine, modern and traditional forms of art, and even through supporting key labour market shortages that help keep the economy running.

Yet as we celebrate, it is crucial to remain aware of the progress that must be made to cultivate a healthy and equitable society. Asian-Canadians continue to face discrimination, racism, and unfair treatment due to their ethnicity. Finding ways to address these systemic barriers to success remains a core focus of TAYFFI’s advocacy in the community.

In light of this esteemed month, TAYFFI invites you to join us on Wednesday, May 31, at 3:00 PM for a youth-led panel discussion on the successes and challenges faced by Asian-Canadian communities in Canada. 

This year’s panel will focus on the Federal government’s national theme of stories of determination. The panelists will explore this theme across a variety of perspectives, examining both the many successes of Asian-Canadians in achieving recognition, but also sharing stories of the struggles that laid in the path to success.

The panel will be livestreamed on TAYFFI’s official Facebook account – be sure to save the date, and we hope to see you there!