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Truly Alive Youth and Family Foundation Inc (TAYFFI) is a Registered Charity that provides tailored program and support services for individuals, youth, and families from visible/ethnic minority groups and vulnerable communities in Saskatoon and Area towards becoming engaged and contributing members of the society.

Our program and service offering include women capacity advancement and leadership training, family support and parenting education, mental health and social intervention, newcomer adaptation and community connections, pre-employment support and business education, youth mentorship and life skills training; anti-racism, multiculturalism, and inter-heritage learning engagements.

Our organization responds to community needs through impact-driven engagement and coordinated consultation to foster a socially cohesive, and civically engaged society where everyone’s potential is allowed to blossom.

We work collaboratively with Indigenous communities as an ally and we are always open to learning from Indigenous Elders and Knowledge Keepers as we journey the path to Truth and Reconciliation together.

In alignment with its mandate and strategic goals, Truly Alive Youth and Family Foundation Inc (TAYFFI) promotes inclusive participation, advances active social engagement, and advocates for equitable economic outcomes for Black communities and ethnic minority groups in Saskatoon and Area.

Our organization serves as a conduit for Saskatoon Black Canadian Alliance Network, a forward-thinking action group focused on mobilization of knowledge and growing engagement among Saskatoon diverse Black communities leaders and allies for the advancement of Black excellence while advocating for equitable socioeconomic outcomes for Black Canadians.


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TAYFFI is committed to ensuring no one in the Greater Saskatoon Metropolis is left behind in attaining their full potential, be civically engaged, and achieve socioeconomic success.

We aim to bring about concrete and genuine change in the Greater Saskatoon Metropolis in concert with our organization’s core purposes:

  1. To improve quality of life by providing employment-related counselling, life skills training, and socioeconomic support to the needy, newcomers, and the unemployed
  2. To promote positive race relations through education by facilitating workshops, presentations/information sessions, and learning events on diversity, equity, inclusion, and heritage preservation
  3. To advance holistic youth development by providing academic learning support and career mentorship, computer/digital literacy, physical/mental health support, civic leadership programs
  4. To address and prevent specific problems faced by individuals and families through tailored interventions including mental health and holistic wellness support, capacity advancement, skills building and mentorship, as well as civic rights and responsibilities.


Service to all through service to one

  • TAYFFI’s core objective is to remove barriers to social and economic outcomes faced by members of Black and other ethnic/racialized communities in the Greater Saskatoon Metropolis through tailored support and intervention programs.