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BIPOC Youth Golf Program

Introducing BIPOC Youth to Golf – A Partnership between TAYFFI and First Tee Canada!

As an organization committed to inclusivity and equal opportunity for all, we are very excited to announce our partnership with First Tee. First Tee is an exceptional organization that not only teaches lessons in golf, but also in important values that extend far beyond the game. First Tee has equipped us with a host of resources such as golf equipment, effectively making the game of golf more accessible for youth.

TAYFFI is dedicated to providing opportunities to underserved communities. Further, we recognize the importance of accessible activities, particularly sports, for newcomer youth. Physical literacy and the joy of participating in sports with peers is something that should be available to all. Golf, in particular, is a uniquely inaccessible sport, often coming with high fees and expensive equipment. Alongside our partners at First Tee, we will ensure that the game of golf is made approachable, especially given the wonderful lessons that the sport can bring about.

As First Tee highlights, their nine core values are integrated into their golf lessons. Such values include respect, confidence, integrity, and sportsmanship. Additionally, First Tee incorporates important life skills in their program delivery such as interpersonal skills, self-management, and resilience. The lessons learnt from participating in sport are invaluable and set you up with important skills that will continue to prove useful throughout one’s life.

It is abundantly clear why these opportunities are about much more than simply learning the sport and further, why it is important that they are offered to all communities. Here at TAYFFI, we are more than excited to carry out this goal alongside our partners at First Tee.