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As the sole Black-led, Black-serving charity in Saskatoon, Truly Alive Youth and Family Foundation Inc holds leadership credit in providing tailored support and empowerment programs to help individuals and families reach their full potential.

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Everyone desires to be truly alive! Hence, a whole community must come together and, collectively, foster the cause for building a socially inclusive and cohesive society.

Saskatchewan Coalition of Black Canadians (SCBC)

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SCBC …advancing Black excellence!

2023 Year-end Impact Record

Primary Clients and Secondary Program Beneficiaries Served
Members of Black communities across Saskatchewan assisted through bespoke services
Individuals Assisted with Employment Readiness and Business Development Training
Scholarships Awarded to Black, Indigenous, and People Of Colour Students
Vulnerable Individuals and Families Supported with Wellness Hampers




I really liked TAYFFI's cooking program, all the recipes were really nice. I enjoyed cooking with different people and also eating the food. Some of the meals have been incorporated into our meal schedule at home as a family meal. The class was amazing and very well detailed. It was very easy to follow the instructions especially with the recipe book. I enjoyed the class it was entertaining and fun. I will definitely love to be a part of the program again. Thank you for the opportunity!

Adeyinka Yemi-Adeyemo

Participating in the Emerging Leaders Program from Truly Alive Youth and Family Foundations has been an enriching journey. The program's immersive experiences and mentorship have enhanced my leadership skills and expanded my network. It's truly been a transformative experience that has empowered me to make a positive impact in both my personal and professional life.

Krunal Chavda

I am Claudia Marcelino from Dominican Republic. I liked the workshop a lot, it was feminine educational, it was more than I expected honestly. For improvement, allow more time and have more people assisting or use the same guests to have different tasks assigned. Anything that involves learning and chatting with women, count me in!

Claudia Marcelino

I had a great time with all the wonderful people around at the candle making workshop organized by TAYFFI. We enjoyed making the candle and bath salt. Look forward to other skill development workshops.

Farida Dahodwalla

The Women's Readiness Program, which was held by Truly Alive Youth and Family Foundation, makes the community powerful and helps women to stay connected and adapt in the workplace and society of Canada. Programs held during Black History Month such as the Gala help the new generation to understand adversity and prevent racism and discrimination, which are very important in a country like Canada.

Thanks to Truly Alive for such an amazing program and for giving me the opportunity to be part of it.

Farzana Sawrwari



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There is great reward for volunteering one’s time, knowledge, resources and influence toward improving one’s community, and beyond.