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2021 Black History Month – Let’s Celebrate!

2021 Black History Month – Let’s Celebrate!

The commemoration of Black History Month dates back to 1926 when Harvard-educated, African-American historian named Carter G. Woodson proposed setting aside a time devoted to honour the accomplishments of African Americans and to heighten awareness of Black history in the United States, the Celebrations of Black history began in Canada thereafter.

Black History Month is celebrated the entire month of February each year in Canada and most countries of the world. The umbrella theme for 2021 Black History Month is “Black Families: Identity, Representation, and Diversity. 

A Saskatoon-based Black-led organization, Truly Alive Youth and Family Foundation Inc [TAYFFI] is excited to unveil its month-long series of events and activities celebrating the historic and ongoing contributions of Black Canadians from coast-to-coast to community and nation building.

In alignment with the umbrella theme, TAYFFI has coined a theme “Cherish Yesterday, Defend Today, Protect Tomorrow” to celebrate the 2021 Black History Month within Saskatoon local context.

Month-long activities include:

  1. Black Youth-led Talk Shows
  2. Black Canadian Trailblazers showcase
  3. Podcast on Mental Health in Black Communities
  4. Pan-Canadian Virtual Panel Discussion
  5. Black Awareness Campaign (Digital Billboards) across Saskatoon city


Stand with us as we celebrate 2021 Black History Month in grand style, virtually, in concert with government regulations and public health orders regarding COVID-19!


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To learn more about Truly Alive Youth and Family Foundation Inc or to support our efforts in celebrating the 2021 Black History Month, please email us at [email protected] or call 306-986-4180

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