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Internationally Trained? Return To Your Career!

How Skilled Newcomers Can Benefit Micro Loans

Ifeoma Adekanye was working as a Medical Doctor for five years before immigrating to Saskatchewan. Arriving in June 2019, the newcomer from Nigeria had expectations of continuing her medical practice in her new home country. Unfortunately, Ifeoma’s international credentials and experiences are not acceptable by Canadian standards; this is a reality for many international medical graduates. As a result, Ifeoma will need to pass a series of examinations before she can continue her career as a Medical Doctor.

“The major challenge that I was facing was financial,” explains Ifeoma, who has been working in a survival job to help pay the monthly bills. “I was struggling to save enough money to pay for my exams and to get the materials that I needed to prepare for the exams.”

Many skilled newcomers relate to Ifeoma’s story. Internationally trained newcomers bring plenty of skills to the Canadian workforce. However, many of their qualifications and credentials are not recognized by Canadian employers and Regulatory Bodies. Therefore, highly trained newcomers may find themselves working in low-end or survival jobs to support themselves and their families. Ifeoma is currently working a survival job as a Support Worker at a care home. A job that is available to international medical graduates.

Ifeoma was thrilled to learn that career and financial support services are available for skilled newcomers. One example is the Career Loans program. The program offers free support for skilled newcomers in Saskatchewan and Alberta. In addition to speaking with expert counsellors, members can choose to apply for a micro loan of up to $15,000. This money can help pay for any fees with returning to a desired career in Canada. In Ifeoma’s case, she finally had the financial resources to pay for exam fees and preparation materials.

“Ever since I applied to Career Loans, I can see that my career outlook is definitely brighter,” says Ifeoma, who registered for Career Loans in June 2020. “I’ve gotten the assistance that I needed!”

Currently, Ifeoma balances time between working at her job and studying for the first part of the medical exams that will allow her to resume a career as a Medical Doctor in Canada. Ifeoma remains optimistic about her future career.

“I just feel like I’m getting closer to my goal!”

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Career Loans is funded by the Government of Canada (ESDC) and partnered with HSBC bank to deliver micro loans to skilled newcomers across Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Find out if you are eligible and register now by visiting their website at