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InterCultural Appreciation through Roundtable Engagement (ICARE) initiative – Phase II

InterCultural Appreciation through Roundtable Engagement (ICARE) initiative – Phase II


The increasing population of Saskatoon residents comprising of families with young and school age children from diverse cultures calls for the implementation of a unique initiative towards fostering healthy development of children and youth. Recognizing the importance of cultural identity to individual sense of belonging, report of environmental scan revealed the need for an increased awareness and engagement at various levels of the socio-economic fabrics of the Greater Saskatoon community. Reportedly, children and youth from newcomer families struggle with a sense of identity as they mingle with their peers from the mainstream Saskatoon community either at school or play having been raised within certain norms and beliefs that is unique to their parents’ cultural heritage.

The isolation of families, especially those from vulnerable populations, from participating in activities within the broader Saskatoon ethnocultural community, also, poses a challenge for improving the vitality of the community. By having little to no access to cross-cultural, inter-generational programs, parents are incapacitated and unable to provide a well informed guidance and culturally sensitive support for their children and youth in order to overcome identity crisis which may degenerate into emotional trauma and mental health issues in most children and youth, with a ripple effect on the overall wellness of the family unit.

In view of the above, Truly Alive Youth and Family Foundation Inc recently implemented Phase I of the InterCultural Appreciation through Round-table Engagement (ICARE) initiative with a whelming youth participation and active engagement. The recorded success of ICARE initiative Phase I has propelled us into developing the Phase II of the project with a primary objective that children and youth, especially those of the vulnerable populations, should have the opportunity to participate in cultural and creative activities in order that they feel valued, supported; all of which is critical to a healthy, vibrant community.

InterCultural Appreciation through Roundtable Engagement (ICARE) initiative – Phase II

The ICARE initiative – Phase II will feature a series of cross-cultural educational workshops, community events, and information sessions designed to engage an inter-generational audience including children, youth and seniors from the Indigenous, Newcomers and Ethno-cultural communities in Saskatoon.

The project will support the development of children and youth, providing young children with a good start in life and preparing youth for the future vis-a-vis (i) connecting children and youth to unique, life-changing artistic and cultural experiences in their communities (ii) providing children and youth with the opportunity to participate in creative activities regardless of economic barriers they may face (iii) providing youth and young adults with a deeper understanding of their cultural heritage and an appreciation for Canada’s multiple identities (iv) addressing prevalent issues affecting children, youth, and families from the vulnerable populations such as discrimination and racism based on colour, gender, orientation, and race (v) equipping participating children, youth, and families with step-by-step process towards taking action against cultural isolation, discrimination, and bullying


Parents, representatives of focus groups, and leaders from various Saskatoon ethnocultural communities will be engaged in Conversation Circles to discuss current issues and emerging trends on sociocultural factors that characterize the Saskatoon community, and the effect of such factors on the health and wellness of Saskatoon residents, particularly children and youth

The InterCultural Appreciation through Round-table Engagement [ICARE] initiative – Phase II is planned for a 9-month duration, starting June 2019 until February, 2020.

Project activities will take place in Saskatoon, specifically at the West, Central and East sides of the city over the course of nine months. Please stay tuned for update on specific project activity and venue.

To learn more about the ICARE initiative – Phase II and for registration enquiries, please contact Nidhi Singh at [email protected]

Sponsors: Department of Canadian Heritage | Community Initiatives Fund | SaskCulture Inc | Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority