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Inclusive Capacity Advancement for Newcomers – (I-CAN) Program

Inclusive Capacity Advancement for Newcomers – (I-CAN) Program

Canada has been recognized as a world leader in welcoming newcomers from different countries of origin. However, reports on measuring settlement outcomes for individuals and communities vis-a-vis economic integration, social, and civic-cultural outcomes reveal that newcomers, especially racialised women and youth, are faced with a variety of barriers in Canada, making their settlement, adaptation, and integration process rather prolonged.

Recognizing the importance of economic integration and retention of newcomers in Saskatoon community and Area, the Truly Alive Youth and Family Foundation Inc [TAYFFI] is happy to announce the implementation of its unique initiative titled Inclusive Capacity Advancement for Newcomers (I-CAN) Program.

Primarily intended for racialised women and youth, TAYFFI will adopt a holistic family support model in the delivery of the I-CAN program activities listed below:

  • Women-In-Business Conversation Circle
  • Youth Hangout and Peer-Leadership
  • Men’s Focus Group
  • Newcomers Women Got Skills Program
  • X-Boss (Mentor-Mentee) Coffee Talk
  • CultureMingle Forum: Cross-cultural and Intergenerational Discussion Forum
  • WeConnect: Promoting Canada’s Multiple Identities and Combating Racism


The I-CAN program will, among others, deepen the understanding of residents of Saskatoon on issues surrounding racism and discrimination in its various forms vis-à-vis institutional discrimination, sexual orientation, ancestry, colour, race or percieved race, place of origin, religion, family status.


Program activities will be delivered within a safe space environment where people with lived experiences and other individuals passionate about building a socially cohesive society  will engage in conversations and develop strategies towards combating the bane of discrimination and thereby making the city of Saskatoon and Area a more culturally-inclusive community; where newcomers participate actively at all levels of organization and community leadership.

For more information, and to participate in the program, please contact us at [email protected]


:: The I-CAN program is proudly sponsored by the Department of Canadian Heritage under the CSMARI Project Fund::