OUR Programs

Opening Proclamation

Saskatchewan’s Black communities joint statement and Calls to Action for the 2024 Black History Month.

Afrocentric Symposium

Experience Saskatchewan’s first-ever Afrocentric Symposium holding from Thursday, February 8th to Friday, February 9th, 2024.

Black Heritage Education

Learn facts, unlearn misconceptions, and debunk stereotypes about people of Black and African descent in Canada.

2024 BHM Gala

Don’t miss out! Join us at the most anticipated 2024 Black History Month Gala holding on Wednesday, February 28th, 2024

Get Involved

By supporting our cause, you will be contributing to our work as we make space for the preservation of Black Heritage and help to advance our capacity to deliver tailored and essential services that address the systemic challenges Black Canadians face.

Celebrating Our Sponsors

About Us: TAYFFI

As the sole Black-led, Black-serving charity in the city of Saskatoon the Truly Alive Youth and Family Foundation Inc holds leadership credit in showcasing the myriad contributions of Black Canadians and advocating for Black communities on key aspects of justice, economic relevance, health equity, civic participation, as well as equal treatment and equal protection under the laws in Canada.