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Student Learning Support Program


Your donation will make a difference now, and in the coming weeks; a demonstration that Saskatoon Cares!

Money – for some students, a means to attaining academic success; for others, a barrier to achieving educational pursuit, hinderance to attaining school completion.  

Everyone desires to achieve their dreams and attain their full potential. While some have the means to achieving the life’s pursuit, others only have hopes and dreams.

Unless there is a concerted effort in providing tailored support and assistance to individuals on the brink of falling behind and/or giving up on their academic pursuit, a society cannot be said to have adequately catered to all its citizens.

Join us in our efforts to providing scholarship awards to students from under-served and low-income communities towards ensuring no one is left behind or denied opportunity to attain their academic goals and reach their full potential.


  • Tuition Scholarship for BIPOC Students

    Your donation will go a long way to support under-serve learners particularly Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour students succeed in – and get the most out of – their education and learning!

    By your contribution, you will be playing a part in a student’s future by helping them stay in school and graduate in flying colours!

  • Psychological and Mental Wellness

    Your support will go a long way in assisting under-served youth in critical aspects of:

    • psychological and mental wellness, leading to improved interest in advanced/post-secondary education
    • ability to focus on their learning, leading to enhance grades/academic good standing
    • increase in number of BIPOC students graduating from high school and post-secondary learning programs
    • reduction in rate of school drop out, school completion and academic excellence leading to socioeconomic success.
  • Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders

    Your contribution will advance our work related to to educational advancement and strategic goal of enhancing human potentials in key areas of supporting:

    • youth from financially disadvantaged or single parent BIPOC households
    • youth struggling with mental health challenges due to financial limitations
    • immigrant, refugees, and international students unaccompanied in Canada
    • youth from Indigenous communities pursuing post-secondary education

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