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Sylvia Maduakor

Office and Project Officer

Sylvia Maduakor hails from a beautiful small town in Enugu State of Nigeria. She holds Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science from the Enugu State University of Science and Technology, Nigeria.

Sylvia is fueled by her passion for supporting youth, and guiding them through realizing their full potential, having worked with various youth serving organizations in Nigeria.

Sylvia finds mindfulness, creativity, and dedication to be the most valuable qualities for success, a tenet she lives out through her interest in meditation, gardening, and fashion designing.

Sylvia is an advocate for equal rights and opportunities in a pluralistic society where individuals are not judged by their creed, gender or race.

Since joining her husband in Saskatoon early 2021, she has identified herself with various cultural associations, and is eager to make meaningful contribution to Canadian economy.