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Candace Fox

Project Coordinator, COVID-19 Response Program

Meet Candace Fox, TAYFFI’s Project Coordinator for COVID-19 Response Program.

Born and raised in Saskatchewan, much of Candace’s family roots are grounded in the flat plains of the Canadian prairies. While work and unique projects have kept her close to home, her appetite for self discovery and adventure has found her gallivanting the globe to explore other countries, cultures and food.

With a background in Marketing from the Edward School of Business at the University of Saskatchewan, Candace has spent much of her career in the communications sector working in publishing, news/media and non profits. She is a freelance writer, blogger and has recently launch a podcast to create a platform for meaningful discussion and to amplify voices of BIPOC in the community.

Candace continues to advance her education and support others through her studies in Energy Psychology as a Certified Accredited EFT Practitioner through the National EFT Training Institute in Canada and EFT International in the UK. Most recently she has been furthering her knowledge and understanding of mindfulness through courses at McMaster University.

As a self professed coffee addict Candace doesn’t get much done without an espresso shot or Americano in hand. In her free time she likes to invite herself over to Nidhi’s house for authentic Indian cuisine. Candace also enjoys river walks in the summer, bike rides and hanging out with her family/friends.