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Sara Alonso

Coordinator, Newcomer Adaptation and Social Support Program

Sara Alonso was born and raised in Mexico City. She has been in Saskatoon, Canada for 7 years.

Sara has a Bachelor’s degree in Education as well as a TESL certification, she is also a Level 3 certified Early Childhood Educator. Throughout her life she has worked and advocated for youth and children in many different roles, she’s particularly interested in building intercultural relationships and increasing self-esteem in others.

Since very young Sara was immersed in multicultural ventures as a folklore dancing performer traveling around the word. During her work life age in Mexico and the US she worked with children and families of vulnerable sectors as teacher and community development officer. She has continued to do so by working in various settlement agencies in Saskatoon.

Sara is a willing member of the immigrant community ready to share her experiences and learn from others hoping to be a positive influence in their life.