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InterCultural Appreciation through Roundtable Engagement (iCARE) Series

June 1, 2018 at 10:00 am Saskatoon

InterCultural Appreciation through Roundtable Engagement (iCARE) Series


Through a comprehensive intergenerational cultural-bridging programming and activities including storytelling and round-table engagements, youth cultural dance and fashion show, the iCARE series will achieve an overarching outcome including but not limited to the details below:

Children and youth participants will be engaged in cross-cultural learning thereby debunking myths and cultural stereotypes

Young participants will have a stronger connection to their cultural heritage. This, we believe, will avail them a better appreciation for Canada’s multicultural values

Parents and families of participating children and youth will have improved appreciation for inter-cultural communications and relationship building. They will also be opportune to learn about local services and how to access them

Elders and community leaders providing cultural guidance and instructions will feel elated, alive and fulfilled with an assurance that cultural values, mores and norms for which they had been custodians for over a number of years will not go into extinction

Community organizations (cultural) will have the opportunity to engage with the local youth in a family oriented setting and learn about their history and culture. This allows for building shared understanding, respect and social inclusion

Recent immigrants, First Nations families and participants from target ethnocultural communities will develop relationships outside of the school and workplace. This will provide an opportunity to build trust and healthy relationships with one another thereby building a stronger Saskatoon community

Community-serving organisations will be able to learn about the community and adjust their services to better meet their needs and engage more effectively

Culture retention: By engaging seniors at the round-table storytelling, cultural knowledge is transferred to the younger generations. Seniors, on the other hand, will feel a sense of fulfilment especially having played the pivotal role as custodians of their customs and tradition for many years; they are now privileged to pass on well-valued knowledge to the younger generations for retention

Stimulate and support the advancement of interculturalism through cultural identity, intercultural understanding, or issues related to social justice and harmony

The Truly Alive Youth and Family Foundation Inc is committed to furthering Canada’s multiculturalism heritage and contributing to nation building by promoting socially cohesive Canadian society through cultural bridging activities and building new relationships among the Aboriginal, Newcomers, and ethnocultural communities in Saskatoon.

TAYFFI intends to bring the iCARE series to several other Saskatchewan communities in the nearest future.

For more information on how to sponsor/partner with us on one or more components of the iCARE series, please contact 306.203.0330 or [email protected]

Sponsors/Local Partners:

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