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Meagan LaPointe

Education Coordinator

Meagan LaPointe is currently completing a Bachelor of Education at the University of Saskatchewan. Having a passion for working with children and youth, Meagan has been involved with local youth groups, including a youth mission to Haiti in 2014 to provide humanitarian services. She has also enjoyed empowering struggling young readers and writers across various elementary schools in Saskatoon.

Meagan holds a B.A. Hons. (Philosophy) from the University of Saskatchewan. She also holds a B.Mus. (Piano Performance) from the University of Calgary, which she applied to her position as music specialist at the Frances Morrison Public Library. There, she provided services to diverse peoples, including inner-city populations, through programming and frontline services.

Her professional interests include building inclusive classrooms and schools, differentiated instructional methods for EAL students, philosophy in the elementary classroom, integration of diverse perspectives in the classroom, and parent and community engagement.

Meagan’s interests fuel her passion to volunteer with the Truly Alive Youth and Family Foundation, Inc. TAYFFI is a platform for her to be able to impact children, youth, and other vulnerable populations in the community that are beyond school walls, and to use her knowledge and skills toward the development of programs to help meet the needs of diverse peoples in the community.